February 22, 2010

Subtitle – Trunk Bomb

Subtitle - Trunk Bomb

<a href="http://getcrevget.info/album/trunk-bomb">intro, as per usual. by subtitle</a>

A new digital release from Subtitle, Trunk Bomb, is out now. Buy it and help him press a cd/record. Get it here: getcrevget.info

This record took me 4 years to prepare to record. I have lots more songs done but I figured why wait? If you like it, your money goes to what you will read about ad nauseum below…. I would have liked to mix and master the record, but to do it right costs money and I’m not Ras Kass, so Kickstart wasn’t a successful option for me to explore. originally the plan was to raise money to make this record the right way, but now I’m about to sell my computer to pay back rent and I need to find a solution to a future of couch surfing. the moral of the story is that anything of assigned value costs to make and refine to the point where it reaches it’s ideal form. just because you got it for free doesn’t mean that I made it for free, or that I would be able to KEEP making it for free. art kills, but it also costs. (oh yeah, I always give away goodies because sharing is caring and I’m out to share information.)