Nov 7, 2007

Sunil from Frek Sho


UGSMAG loves Sunil. You may or may not already know this, but producer/emcee Sunil aka ishQ Bector from Winnipeg’s legendary hip hop group Frek Sho moved to India a few years ago, signed to a major label, and became a star. Check out the video for “Aye Hip Hopper” the first single from his new album Dakku Daddy. For more info check out


  1. dope! i used to go to highschool with sunil’s younger bro. this is fresh

  2. chadio did you go to high school with everybody’s younger brother?

  3. sunil rules. This video is hillarious.

  4. Planit

    this shit is hot!

  5. Twizzy doubles

    Nice. I remember the old school Frek Sho days. so Nice

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