January 23, 2013

Super Legal (Del the Funky Homosapien & Lady Mecca) – “Trap Door / Cops and Robbers”

Super Legal is the espionage psycho-thriller brainchild of both Del the Funky Homosapien and Lady Mecca (of Digable Planets). The album centers on the stories of Agent 45, a lovable jerk among women and wildcard who takes frequent outlandish physical risks. His cerebral female partner Agent 55, is an austere chameleon who loves her career however is fixated on finding a balance with true love. Agents 45 and 55 work for DADA (Direct Armageddon Diversion Association), a secret world-wide counter-intelligence agency, location unknown. The nemesis of DADA is FRAUD (Full Radical Anarchic Ultimatum Department). DADA was formed to respond to the real threats by FRAUD against the world. Unbeknownst to DADA, FRAUD has sent a SWALLOW & RAVEN posing as love interests of Agents 45 and 55 to infiltrate their lives. Their suspicions about their mates due to inconsistencies, lead them to suspect something is fishy. As the Agents work to determine who exactly they are dealing with, they come to learn that they are caught in a web of a sickly psychopathic history and pattern of behavior.