Feb 22, 2011

T.O. vs. MTL v.2

T.O. vs. MTL v.2

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Mixtape featuring artists and producers out of the Toronto and Montreal area. Presented by TopLeft Recordings & Morburn Music, mixed by DJ Law.

Track List:
Adam Bomb – Wasted Talent (Prod. by Big Sproxx)
Teknition – Murderface (Prod. by Teknition)
Shogun ft. Lotus & Ceas Rock – Never Heard og Em (Prod. by Toboggan)
Preach Ankobia ft. AK Tha Kid – Out of the Darkness (Prod. by Rayman C.)
Angerville ft. Bishop Brigante- Gotta Go (Remix) (Prod. by Derek4real)
SRH – Blue Foundation (Prod. by SRH)
Tzarim – Listen (Prod. by Oddisee)
Rico Blox – Million Dollar Charm (Prod by Koma Karma)
L.E.S. ft. Loss One, SRH, DJ Crowd – Lions Den (Prod. by Shaun J. Miller)
Mike Briz, Len & Eastgate- 911 (Prod. by Pirate X)
Malicious – Malicious Music (Prod. by Malicious)
K-Fresh & Baby Grhyme – The Truth (Prod. by Dj T Minus)
Bishop Brigante ft Jane Strip – Alone (Prod. by Kajmir)
Full Course – Waiting On You (Prod. by Khrysis)
Magnum 357 – It Goes Down (Prod. by Northern Profit)
Imakemadbeats ft. Midaz, Frukwan, J Freedome & Kinetic 9 – Let You Go (Prod. by Imakemadbeats)
Raw B Snatch – One Way Street (Prod. by Sentury Status)
Lady Loc & Mami Uno – Bad Bitches (Prod. by Jake Blues)

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