Haiku D’Etat (Abstract Rude, Myka 9, Aceyalone) – “Sumtymez”

Previously unreleased Haiku d'etat track, produced by Kenny Segal back in 2007, now dusted off for Abstract Rude's new mixtape The Owl's Cry.

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Nocando – “Renaissance Nigga Remix” ft. Aceyalone (Prod. by Scoop Deville)

New Nocando featuring Aceyalone, produced by Scoop Deville.

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Aceyalone & Bionik – “Ghetto Blaster”

Video from Aceyalone’s forthcoming Action LP, out April 7th on Bionik Music.

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Aceyalone – “Pass the Hint”

New video from the Leanin’ On Slick LP. Produced by Bionik.

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Aceyalone – “Pure+Bread”


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Aceyalone – Leanin’ On Slick

Album drops May 28th on Decon. Featuring Cee-Lo Green, Bionik, Daniel Merriweather, and Treasure Davis.

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Aceyalone – “Old Ways To New Ways”

https://youtu.be/ZR4UhhQEHM8 Produced by DJ Remode.

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Abstract Rude – “The Media” feat. Busdriver, Myka 9 and Aceyalone

From the Vitamin D produced Dear Abbey, the Lost Letters Mixtape, out now.

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Freestyle Fellowship – “We Are”

Video from their new album, The Promise, Directed by Isaac Klotz.

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Luckyiam – “For You” (ft. Aceyalone & Slug)

First video from Luckyiam’s album, I Love Haters. Beat produced by Kruse. Directed by Jake Handegard.

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Luckyiam – I Love Haters

Free Luckyiam PSC album produced by Kruse; featuring Aceyalone, Slug, Imani, and Pep Love.

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Acid Reign – “Creme de la Blowed” (ft. Nga Fish, BeOND, Gajah, Aceyalone, Rifle Man, Olmeca, Abstract Rude, Myka 9)

Free Project Blowed posse cut produced by OoloO the Wize aka Nathaniel Eras, from Acid Reign’s (Gajah & BeOnd) new album, 'Diversity'...

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