Kay The Aquanaut & Maki – Earth Station 7

ES7 out now! The new album from Kay the Aquanaut & Maki. Grab the limited edition cassette w/digital from Hello.L.A. and the 10-inch picturedisc lathe cut EP version from Audio Recon.

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Dreadnots – “At The Foot Of The Mountain”

Video from the new album, DIY Infinity.

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Dreadnots – The Robotic Hands of God: Music from a Parallel Dimension

The third full-length installment of “The Robotic Hands of God” series from Dreadnots.

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WhoisLouis – “Harvest Moon” Video + Free Album

Video from WhoisLouis' new album SeldomScene (free download).

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Dreadnots – The Robotic Hands Of God: Ragnarok & Roll

The latest release from Pittsburgh based production outfit the Dreadnots is another dope one, as they offer up a satirical instrumental concept album exploring the belief that rock music is a tool of satan.

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Rusty Redenbacher & SPStar – Lazarus

Lazarus is the debut solo album from Indianapolis' Rusty Redenbacher (Mudkids) and producer SPStar; out now on Audio Recon.

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WhoisLouis – Freelease (Produced by Defame)

Free EP by Indiana's WhoisLouis. From Indianapolis based label, Audio Recon.

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Id Obelus – The Jabberbox

Free download of Id Obelus' sixth official release. The Jabberbox features DJ Bizkid, Ace Ha, Selfhelp, Nomar Slevik, Richard Cook, and more.

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