Bloodmoney Perez - Time Is A Motherfucker

Bloodmoney Perez – Time Is A Motherfucker

New album from Bloodmoney that has been a long 3 years in the making. Production by Messiah Musik and Bloodmoney himself; with features from Old Grape God, Sleep Sinatra, Curly Castro, and MCF.

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Hello.L.A. – Label Sampler II

New label sampler from Hello.L.A. featuring Noblonski, Gutter$nipe$, Wep One & Timmo, OptimisGFN, Bloodmoney & Morbidly-O-Beats, Marjen, Hoot & Parlay Droner. Out now as a


We’re Really Out Here

Benefit album to help the homeless of Portland OR. Featuring Bloodmoney, BeOnd, Uncommon Nasa, Alwayz Prolific, Gajah & Mute Speaker, Walter Gross, and Dust.

F. Virtue - Chinook
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F. Virtue – Chinook

New release from Brooklyn based, Canadian born, 22 year old MC/producer F. Virtue. Chinook features cuts from DJ Emoh Betta, production from J57, Falside, Dynamo414,