Mars Project DVD Giveaway

We are giving away two copies of Mars Project, Jon B’s documentary about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart (who along with his twin ...

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Mars Project on Space Channel’s InnerSPACE

Ugsmag’s Jon B, aka director Jonathan Balazs, and documentary subject Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart talk about their new film, based on Stewart’s ...

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Mars Project – Extended Trailer

Trailer for Jon B’s upcoming full-length film about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart.

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Help Fund the Mars Project: Feature-Length Film about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart

Help fund Jon B’s new feature-length film about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart and the psychological disorder he was diagnosed with, but ...

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Crunk23 (Noah23 & Crunk Chris) – Illegal Ideas Inc.

New album from Noah23, produced by Crunk Chris, out now on Legendary Entertainment. Illegal Ideas Inc. by CRUNK23 (Noah23 & Crunk Chris)

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Jon B and Conspiracy – Mars Project Trailer

Visual treatment/teaser for a proposed follow-up extended version of Jon B’s Mars Project film about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart. Visual treatment for a ...

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Jon Brando – No Laptop Bummer Disk

New album from Edmonton's Jon B; featuring Baracuda, Modulok and Conspiracy. Get it now from Neferiu Records!

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Conspiracy – “When It Gets to the Roach”, “Exodus”,”My Transporter Room” videos

Three new videos from Conspiracy's Super Aliens DVD (out now). All songs from Conspiracy's side of the classic 1997 Supreme Being Unit album Mental Reverse/Spiritual Rebirth.

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Conspiracy – “Universal Soldier: The Watcher” video

New Conspiracy video in promotion for his Super Aliens DVD, dropping July 1, 2010. Track produced by Chris Plus (Apophis). Video ...

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Conspiracy & Jon Brando – Dis the Haters [video]

Promo for Jon B and Conspiracy's upcoming album Dis the Haters, coming summer 2010.

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Conspiracy – “Demonslayer” and “Lunar Landing” videos

Two new videos from Conspiracy, “Demonslayer” and “Lunar Landing”, directed by Bobby McBain from Conspiracy’s new DVD Angelic Space Alien, ...

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Conspiracy = The Ol’ Dirty Bastard of Canada

A heartfelt plea from his twin brother Mindbender.

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