VIDEO: Corvid Lorax + Tzadeka – “Algorithms”

New video from Edmonton's Corvid Lorax and Tzadeka off their upcoming album, produced by Madame Wang, dropping on Little Whore records early 2018.

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Corvid Lorax – “Flying in the fog” video

New video from Corvid Lorax’s Encyclopedia of Insanica album, produced by Madame Wang for Little WhoreRecords. Video by the Choob.

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Corvid Lorax – “Into the Night”

New Corvid Lorax video from his Encyclopedia of Insanica album on Little Whore Records. Produced by Madame Wang.

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Max Prime ft. Corvid Lorax, Mindbender, Add-Vice, Planit – “Painting of God”

Mega six minute posse cut "Painting of God" from Max Prime feat. Corvid Lorax, Mindbender, Add-Vice, and Planit. Off of Max's forthcoming Tranquility...

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Corvid Lorax

Karan Singh (a.k.a. Corvid Lorax) is a rapper from Edmonton, Alberta. He is a dedicated figure in the fields of the milky complexions...

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Corvid Lorax – N.I.C.E. (Ninjas in Cities Everywhere)

Edmonton's Corvid Lorax is back with a dope second album for Little Whore Records, featuring Conspiracy...

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Jon B – Beat Diarya

Is the famous 1990's R&B singer back to resurrect Tupac for another hit single? Apparently not; this is a different Jon B altogether, one who is actually a pretty dope producer from Edmonton...

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