Headhat for Cats (And Other Animals)

Benefit album for the SPCA. 66 tracks featuring Pip Skid, Ceschi, K-the-I???, Zucchini Drive, Babel Fishh, Adeem, Birdapres, Edison, Nomad, V8, MC Homeless, Speed Dial 7, Jdwalker, Scot Da Ros, Factor, Ira Lee, David Ramos, Cars & Trains, Nomar Slevik, Walter Gross, Brzowski, and many more.

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David Ramos – “Xpect”

From the David Ramos with Oskar Ohlson upcoming limited 7-inch EP Mancanza.

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David Ramos – “Still There”

From David Ramos’ upcoming album Sento La Tua Mancanza. Directed by Max Heath.

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David Ramos – “Start Over”

Video from the David’s That Down There album, available at davidramos.bandcamp.com.

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David Ramos – Wait My Turn

Album download and video from Wait My Turn -- a brand new collection of unheard songs along with remixes by Factor, Mexicans with Guns, and Jay Scafariello.

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David Ramos – “Together”

Fake Four co-founder David Ramos brings you another music video for the cassette-only album La Tua Mancanza available for a limited ...

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David Ramos – La Tua Mancanza

David Ramos – “Hollow Days” Prod. Tommy V New limited edition cd/cassette tape, La Tua Mancanza, out today on Fake Four Inc. ...

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David Ramos – That Down There

New David Ramos album of material recorded from 2002 to 2009 and featuring his brother Ceschi, Max Heath, and Tommy V.

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Fake Four Fest Videos: Ceschi, Open Mike Eagle, Dark Time Sunshine

For those like me, who missed Fake Four Fest in Los Angeles this past Thursday; the homie Rove captured some video footage that turned out pretty awesome.

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Fake Four Inc.

Interview with Ceschi Ramos about starting the Fake Four Inc. record label and what projects they're working on...

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FREE CD CONTEST: David Ramos – This Up Here

FREE CD CONTEST: David Ramos - This Up Here This month we are giving away 3 copies of This Up Here, the new solo album from Toca and Anonymous Inc. member David Ramos, which is in stores now on Fake Four Inc. / Grimm Image Records.

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David Ramos – “Kings and Queens” [VIDEO]

David RamosCool video for the song “Kings and Queens” by David Ramos, from his forthcoming album This Up Here which will be the first release from Fake Four Inc.

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