MegaEarth65ive (Megabusive, Agartha Audio, Passive 65ive) – “Pick Your War” feat. Adam Warlock

Agartha Audio on production with Megabusive, Passive 65ive and Adam Warlock on the mic.

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Dig Dug (Agartha Audio)

Producer of the Agartha Audio collective, who's LP 'The Hollow Earth' is based on the sci-fi conspiracy theory known as the Reptilian Agenda.

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“Gasoline Beaches” – Adam Warlock, Megabusive, Passive 65ive, prod. by Agartha Audio

Dope new Agartha Audio produced track by Adam Warlock, Megabusive and Passive 65ive.

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Agartha Audio – The Hollow Earth

Impressive album from Agartha Audio, a collective of emcees and producer Dig Dug out of Berkley, CA. The full length LP ...

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