Dr. Quandary “The Boy Who Went to War” feat. PremRock & Elder Orange

First single from Boston based producer, Dr. Quandary's new album Jukebox Buddha - out Oct 27.

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PremRock – Who Art in Nada

New PremRock EP of remixes, plus a couple of new songs. Featuring Quelle Chris, Uncommon Nasa, Cars & Trains, Willie Green, ...

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PremRock – A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place by PremRock New PremRock LP out now featuring production by Dr. Quandary, Blockhead, Quelle Chris, Willie Green, Zilla ...

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Dr. Quandary – Wayfarers

Free instrumental EP from Boston’s Dr. Quandary.

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Qwazaar & Batsauce – “Chop Em Down”

New video from their Bat Meets Blaine album on Galapagos4 . Video by Brother Britt.

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Godforbid & Thirtyseven – “Big Day for the Little People”

Lyric video for a Dr. Quandary produced track by Godforbid & Thirtyseven. Download here.

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