Eligh – “Pain on the Break” feat. The Grouch

Latest video from Eligh's new album, Last House on the Block - out today! Video directed by Enkrypt. Beat produced by DJ Fresh.

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2Mex – “Unfashionable”

Latest video from 2Mex's new album, Lospital. Produced by Eligh of Living Legends.

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ALBUM STREAM: The Kleenrz – Season Two

New LP from The Kleenrz (Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship and Kenny Segal) out now. Featuring Busdriver, Myka 9, Del Tha ...

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Onry Ozzborn – Duo Film

In case you weren’t already excited about Onry’s upcoming Duo album, this film / extended music video featuring excerpts of nearly ...

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Abstract Rude – “Kan of Whoop Ass (Reprise)” feat. Blueprint, Psalm One, Musab, LMNO, Neb Luv, Otherwize, Kail, VerBS, Open Mike Eagle, Alpha MC, Droop Capone, Luckyiam, Sunspot Jonz, Eligh, The Grouch

Lyric video for a Abstract Rude’s mega posse featuring Blueprint, Psalm One, Musab, LMNO, Neb Luv, Otherwize, Kail, VerBS, Open Mike ...

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Toast – “Dream State” feat. Kirby Dominant and Eligh

New Toast video from their debut album The Reality Show, produced by Kirby Dominant.

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JNatural – “Push Away” ft. Eligh

New single off JNatural’s upcoming album, Bad Woman Rising, out June 11th on Fake Four Inc.

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Xzircles & Aamir (Escape Artists) Double Album

New double CD from Escape Artists' Xzircles & Aamir; featuring Aceyalone, Myka 9, Awol One, Eligh, Scarub, Bigg Jus, 2Mex, Ellay Khule, Riddlore?, Gel Roc, Mike Ladd, Ceschi, K-the-I???, Thesis Sahib and more!

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Eligh – “Miss Busdriver (Rachel)” video

First single from Eligh's GreyCrow album (in stores November 9, 2010).

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The Grouch & Eligh – “!BOOM!” ft. Slug of Atmosphere [video]

New video from The Grouch & Eligh ft. Slug. Produced by Amplive of Zion I. Cameos from Aesop Rock, Mistah FAB, ...

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The Grouch & Eligh – “All In” feat. Gift of Gab & Pigeon John

Video for a dope track from the Grouch & Eligh’s new album, Say G&E, which drops April 21 on Legendary Music.

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