Brandon B – Rhythmic American Poetry

New solo album from Brandon B (Gurp City / Gametightelectro) out now! Featuring Z-Man, Equipto, Luke Sick, Eddie K and more.

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Dave Dub – Sade’s Forehead

New Dave Dub LP produced by Tape Mastah Steph and Barry Bones. Featuring a mega posse cut with Equipto, Gel Rock, ...

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Nim One – The 13th Disciple (Video + Free LP)

Free album from old schoool Cali emcee Nim One, produced by J-Def. Featuring Equipto, White Mic and more.

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White Mic & Grand Visitor – Armchair Militia EP

Free EP from White Mic (Bored Stiff) and Grand Visitor (Homeliss Derilexs) featuring Equipto, Mike Marshall, B-Line, L'Roneous and more.

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Aries – New Beginnings

New album from Saskatoon based producer Aries. Featuring White Mic & Equipto (of Bored Stiff), Anacron, Lord Zen, Moka Only, Birdapres, ...

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Bored Stiff – “I Wanna Be Happy” feat. Michael Marshall

Produced by Unjust of @CHOSEN_F3W.

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White Mic & Agentstriknine – The Vegetable & The Alien

Free album from White Mic (Bored Stiff) and San Francisco MC, AgentStriknine. Featuring MF Grimm, Self Jupiter, Moka Only, Count Bass D, Dave Dub...

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Bored Stiff – “Eternal”

Video from Big Shawn’s Bored Synonymous album.

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Equipto – “Callin It Quits”

Produced by G-pek.

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L*Roneous – “Man’s World”

Video from his new Lgorithms LP, out now. Directed by Equipto.

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White Mic (Bored Stiff) – The Neighborhood Visitor

New album featuring Z-Man, L'Roneous, Rasco, Sunspot Jonz, Equipto and more.

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