Mikel Rondeau – “To The Rescue” Prod. by DJ Kutdown

New video by Winnipeg’s Mikel Rondeau, from the album Extremist Rap, coming soon on Foultone Records.

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John Smith – Minor League M.V.P.

Free album produced by Kutdown with guest spots from Ismaila, Nestor Wynrush, Rob Crooks, Mikel Rondeau, B.Greezy, Influence, & D.Grimez.

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Rob Crooks & Mikel Rondeau – “City on the Underground”

New video from Rob Crooks & Mikel Rondeau, produced by Dj Kutdown. Directed by Dj Kutdown. foultone.com

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Pip Skid – “Skid Row”

Video for the title track from Pip Skids 2010 album, Skid Row on Foultone Records. Director/Editor: Randy Frykas. foultone.com

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Pip Skid – “You Soooo Much” videos

Two different videos of the same song, directed by Jason Lapeyrel from Pip's Kutdown produced album, Skid Row, that came out last year on Foultone Records.

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Pip Skid – Tens of Dollars EP

Free digital 12-inch featuring eight different versions of Pip Skid's "Tens of Dollars" (from his Skid Row album) including contributions from Dj Kutdown, Birdapres, Gordski, DJ Hunnicutt, mcenroe, Moves, and more.

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Rob Crooks – “Jets Song (on TV)” video

Video for a dope track by Rob Crooks fka Grubbs. Winnipeg Jets forever and ever. Check out witchpolice.blogspot.com and foultone.com to ...

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Rob Crooks & Mikel Rondeau – Fuckin’ Retarded (Prod. by DJ Kutdown)

New free album from Foultone Records, following up releases with Magnum KI and Pip Skid earlier this year. Fuckin' Retarded features twelve brand-new tracks produced by DJ Kutdown...

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Pip Skid – “I Never Knew” video

New Pip Skid video from his Skid Row album (Foultone Records / Marathon of Dope). Directed by Mike Maryniuk.

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Pip Skid – Skid Row

New Pip Skid album! Get it now from iTunes or Foultone.com. Skid Row is produced by Kutdown and features Yy, Birdapres, Moka Only and more!

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Magnum K.I. – “No Way” video

First video from the self-titled debut LP by Magnum K.I. (Ismaila, Kutdown, Rob Crooks). Album out now on Foultone!

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Magnum K.I. (Ismaila, DJ Kutdown & Rob Crooks)

Frek Sho vets Ismaila and Kutdown have just released their long awaited self-titled debut full length...

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