Frek Sho

Ugsmag Podcast

Peanuts & Corn 2020 Pod: Episode 22 – Gruf

mcenroe finally hangs out with Gruf – the final Break Bread member to do the podcast. They take it all the way back to the Bootknock Rascals, Twisted Spirits, and Frek Sho, and then the formation of fermented reptile and the Break Bread crew.


The Gallivanting Spoof

Interview with Frek Sho head honcho, one of the Winnipeg crew’s founding fathers, The Gallivanting Spoof.

Live Canadian Rap

Frek Sho – “Patience”

Live from Edmonton (2002), a slightly different version of Frek Sho’s 1996 classic single “Patience” (Ismaila flipped his lyrics, Kutdown is on the cuts and there’s no Gumball or Sunil).


Sunil from Frek Sho

ishQ Bector

UGSMAG loves Sunil. You may or may not already know this, but producer/emcee Sunil aka ishQ Bector from Winnipeg’s legendary hip hop group Frek Sho moved to India a few years ago, signed to a major label, and became a star. Check out the video for “Aye Hip Hopper” the first single from his new album Dakku Daddy.


Micill Shazzam Write

With the release of Shazzam’s solo debut album “Micill Shazzam Write”; I thought it would be a perfect time to interview a prairie hip hop