Tachichi – Chico’s ’90s Project

New Tachichi album paying homage to the '90s and introducing the Sipset crew. Production by ChanHays, Ghettosocks, The Dirty Sample, Uncle Fester, Gordski, Sean-One, and DJ Moves. Out now on Hand'Solo Records.

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VIDEO: Tachichi & Ghettosocks – “I’m The Reason” prod. by DJ Gordski

New Tachichi & Ghettosocks video from their upcoming EP, The Supernovas.

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Kunga 219 – Tharpa’s Transcripts… A Time And A Place (Vinyl Release)

Released in 2000 on Goodnight Musics, a night on canopy is now releasing this Halifax rap classic on Vinyl for the ...

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Speed Dial 7 – Junk Food (mixed by Dj Grazzhoppa)

Features vocals by Pip Skid, Birdapres, Mike Ladd, Marcus Graap (Howler), The Gumshoe Strut, Rob Crooks (Magnum KI), B-Flat (The Lytics), Nomad and Gruf The Druid.

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Pip Skid – Tens of Dollars EP

Free digital 12-inch featuring eight different versions of Pip Skid's "Tens of Dollars" (from his Skid Row album) including contributions from Dj Kutdown, Birdapres, Gordski, DJ Hunnicutt, mcenroe, Moves, and more.

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Knowself – Mind Controlled, Automaton Conformist, Ego Enslaved, Manipulated Materialistic Robot, Indoctrinated Pawn Fool World

New Knowself album consisting of 19 old unreleased tracks from 1999. The album features Ginzu 3, Skratch Bastid, Cee!!!!!!!!, Tachichi, Jesse ...

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Josh Martinez feat. Moka Only – “Underground Pop” video

New Josh Martinez video from The World Famous Sex Buffet Track produced by Gordski. Video directed by Stuey Kubrick.

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The Goods – “The Goods Must Be Crazy” [video]

“The Goods Must Be Crazy” music video off The Goods upcoming album 5th Wheel, dropping April 1st 2008 on Camobear. Directed ...

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