Common Grackle (Factor Chandelier + Gregory Pepper) – “Return of the Grack”

Common Grackle are back with a new single, the first release since 2010 for this duo of new dads. "Return of the Grack" is a wild epic 6+ min that feels like the condensed version of a whole album.

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Sixo with Gregory Pepper – “John Connor”

New video from Sixo's The Odds of Free Will LP which also features Open Mike Eagle, Milo, Ceschi, Onry Ozzborn, Myka 9, Awol One, Grace Park, Heir Max & Josh Martinez. Out April 20th on Fake Four.

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Factor Chandelier – “Noise Band” feat. Awol One, Gregory Pepper & Ceschi

New star-studded single off of Factor Chandelier's Factoria album.

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Tommy V – Travel Size Drawing Board

Dope new free release from Fake Four and Tommy V featuring Ceschi, Gregory Pepper, Awol One, 2mex, David Ramos, Existereo and ...

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Drummachinemike – “One Thing” feat. Ceschi

Second single off of Drummachinemike’s Drum Machine Music LP, which is out today!

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Paranoid Castle – “Feeling Inside” (Common Grackle Remix)

New video and remix from Paranoid Castle’s Champagne Nightmares album. Directed by Geordie Gescha.

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Free Ceschi, Help Fake Four

One of the most talented and best people I know. While Ceschi is serving an 18 month sentence on a questionable marijuana charge, help keep the Fake Four record label going by donating to their Indiegogo campaign.

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Gregory Pepper & MadAdam – “Let’s Be Homies” (feat. Kirby Dominant)

Brand new track from Gregory Pepper, produced by MadAdam. From their album Big Huge Truck, out June 18th

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Factor – Woke Up Alone (Album Trailer)

A video introduction to Factor’s new concept album, Woke Up Alone, out July 23rd on Fake Four Inc.

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The Main – Clamnesia

Plague Language presents a hilarious wild and rambunctiously fun rap EP from Guelph legend The Main. Produced by Gregory Pepper and featuring Noah23 & Livestock.

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Factor & The Chandeliers

Factor's first ever instrumental project is out today and you need to get it! 10-inch, CD, and digital available from Fake Four Inc.

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Louis Logic / Ceschi / Common Grackle Canadian Tour

The Americans (Louis Logic & Ceschi) are across the border and the tour with Common Grackle (Factor & Gregory Pepper) is off to a great start, be sure to check out what may possibly be Ceschi's last Canadian tour ever!

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