James P Honey – “To Be Near Enough Alone” LIVE VIDEO

New live video from James P Honey's It's been a long year EP, which is now out on vinyl. Each cover is uniquely is collaged, stamped, numbered and has the insert and lyrics sewn onto discarded old vinyl covers.

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James P Honey – It’s been a long year EP

New solo EP from Buriers frontman James P Honey, available as a limited edition CD. 250 copies; each completely unique - hand numbered, hand stamped, and sewn with salvaged old b&w photos.

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shotgun howling by babelfishh & james p honey

Babelfishh & James P Honey – Shotgun Howling

In the age of internet collaborations it’s shockingly refreshing to hear such a raw and intimately crafted project from a duo. ...

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VIDEO: Buriers – “In Honour”

New video from the forthcoming EP To Speak Of One’s Own Pride, dropping Feb 22nd on 10-inch vinyl from Endemik Music.

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Buriers – Four Songs

New Buriers EP out now! Recorded and co-produced in Texas by Micah P Hinson.

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Buriers – “Peckham Rye”

https://youtu.be/1279XTEt0_Y Video for the first track from the Buriers Four Songs EP, recorded and co-produced in Texas by Micah P. Hinson.

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Buriers – “Retreating Tide” (Live) Prod. by Micah P Hinson

From their new Four Songs EP, produced by Micah P Hinson, out soon on 10-inch vinyl and digital download.

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Work – Wolves

New release from Work, Task aka birdlikebats and Evak1 featuring guest vocals from the Cleaver League, Babelfishh, James P Honey, Perseph1, ...

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VAIIEY – “The Boy’s Finger”

The FRKSE + James P Honey collaboration VAIIEY is out now on I Had An Accident.

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James P Honey

Speaking with James P Honey about his life, art, music and new VAllEY collaboration project with FRKSE.

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VAllEY (FRKSE and James P Honey) – “VAllEY”

The title track from the VAllEY album by VAllEY (FRKSE and James P Honey). Out on I had An Accident ...

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Watch Now: Left Fields (Indie Hip Hop Documentary)

Stream or download the full movie feat. Ceschi, Noah23, Kay the Aquanaut, Babel Fishh, Dark Time Sunshine, A Band of Buriers, Th’ Mole, Gonjasufi, Robot Koch and more.

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