• Moves: Hiss 3 – Hissterectomy

    Brand new album from Moves featuring Fortunato, Touch, Cee!!!!!!!!, Ghettosocks, Governor Bolts, Luke Sick, Kwest Tha Madd Lad, Tachichi, Birdapres, Fatt Matt, Mindbender, Drunken Arseholes, Whatevski, Apeface and more!

  • Fatt Matt & Big Moves – Rusty Hooks LP

    New LP from Fatt Matt and DJ Moves featuring Tachichi, Ghettosocks, Cee!!!!!!!!, Zachariah (Main Offenders), Engineer, D-Vice, Knowself, Jay O Smooth, and Kaboom.

  • Drunken Arseholes – Fight Death

    Cee!!!!!!!! and DJ Moves are back with a new album. Fight Death features guest spots by Craig G (of the Juice Crew), Jay O Smooth, Fatt Matt, and Knowself. Cover art by Awol One.

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