• Sign One – Bottom Dollar

    Stream the new album from Orlando FL rapper/producer Sign One – out now on Endemik Music (CD / Cassette / Digital). …

  • Jerk Circuit (Bleubird, Filkoe 176, Sign One and DJ Spytek) – Ohemanrap

    Long lost album, recorded in Orlando during 2000-2001 and now out on Cassette via Illuminated Paths / Endemik Records.

  • Filkoe

    FilkoeAnimal loving emcee Filkoe sits down to talk about animals, amongst other things, as they are the subject of his recent album lost zoo keys and the animal spirits that haunt them.

  • Bleubird

    Introduce yourself, crew, affiliations, etc.
    Bleubird, Endemik, Jerk Circuit, Gunporn, Les Swashbuckling Napolean extraordinaire.
    How did you get the name Bleubird? …

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