Jizzm High Definition feat. Abstract Rude – “She Became a Star”

From the Cali Love Tour compilation CD and scheduled to be released on Jizzm's Show Respect Here Pt.2 LP.

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Jizzm High Definition – “Break The Wrist” + “Keep On” videos

Two new videos from Jizzm High Definition's forthcoming album Timeless, dropping January 4 on Illasophic Records. Videos directed by Isuppose.

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Jizzm High Definition ft. Ab Rude, Supernatural, Rifleman, Medusa, Main Flow, Riddlore, Awol One, Mukill Miers, & More – “Speed of Mind” + “Walk With Me” video

Two tracks from Jizzm’s new album Timeless, including a new video and the ultimate posse cut. Album dropping December 7 on Illasophic Records.

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Aamir – Within All This Silence

Free album/mixtape from Aamir (of Escape Artists), featuring 2Mex, Awol One, Scarub (Living Legends), The All Deadly Jizzm, Gel Roc, Ellay Khule and more.

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Awol One & Factor – “Darkness” feat. Sunspot Jonz, Gel Roc, Jizzm [video]

Another video from Awol One & Factor’s Owl Hours (July 21 on fakefourinc.com). Video directed by Outlier.

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