V8 – The Hello.L.A. Blue Light Special

New album from Chicago emcee/producer V8; featuring appearances and production by DJ Pain 1, Radioinactive, Morbidly-O-Beats, K-The-I???, Vyle, Orel and more.

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K-the-I??? / Walter Gross – The Blueprint Of A Paper Airplane / Like Dust

New split tape release, out on gold cassettes from I Had An Accident.

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Penny – Twenties Hungry: The Unbound Anthems of Yesteryear

New album written and recorded between 2003-2006. Produced by Penny, Manicdepressive, K-the-I??? and Young God. Free download courtesy of Fake Four ...

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Noah23 – Wingfoot

After a year long hiatus from releasing or performing music, Noah23 is back with a new 17 song album featuring production ...

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Unreleased Ira lee

Unreleased album of B-Side tracks featuring K-the-i???, petitBIG, JB, The Fox Heads, Motionless and others.

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Walter Gross 7-inch feat. Sole / Youth:Kill (K-the-I???)

A new 7-inch, produced by Walter Gross, is out now and comes packed with bonus materials.

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K-The-I??? – “To Really Fear Nothing”

Off of his upcoming instrumental release, Oxidised Matrix V1; out Oct 2nd on Mush.

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C Money Burns – Friends With Money

The debut full-length from Portland, Maine-based producer / multi-instrumentalist C Money Burns is out now on Milled Pavement Records and features Brzowski, K-the-I???, Riddlore, MC Homeless, Virtue and more.

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1000 Apes in a Room (K-the-I??? & Michael Nhat) – Attack of the Apes

Free album from 1000 Apes in a Room. Produced by Michael Nhat. Vocals by K-the-I??? and Michael Nhat. Attack of the Apes ...

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Waco Boyz (Sole, Bleubird, K-the-I???) – Yung Planetz EP

The Waco Boyz is a spontaneous collaboration between sole, bleubird, and K-the-I???. During K-The-I??? and bleubird's cross country FREEBIRD voyage last summer...

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Headhat for Cats (And Other Animals)

Benefit album for the SPCA. 66 tracks featuring Pip Skid, Ceschi, K-the-I???, Zucchini Drive, Babel Fishh, Adeem, Birdapres, Edison, Nomad, V8, MC Homeless, Speed Dial 7, Jdwalker, Scot Da Ros, Factor, Ira Lee, David Ramos, Cars & Trains, Nomar Slevik, Walter Gross, Brzowski, and many more.

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Bleubird: Freeebird #71 – K-the-I??? LowEndBumRush

The Freeebird rolls up to LA. BLEUBIRD.ORG

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