Big Fatt & Big Moves – Gods New Juice

New EP from Fatt Matt & DJ Moves featuring Cee!!!!!!, Tachichi, Knowself, and Forgetful Jones. Out now as a name-your-price download.

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Drunken Arseholes – Scotian Gold

New Drunken Arseholes (Moves & Cee!!!!!!!) featuring guest spots from Knowself, Tachichi, King T, Fatt Matt, and Johnny Hardcore.

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Knowself – Utopia Dead

Free 19 song instrumental album from Halifax's Knowself, who says this album largely exists because - although he's a rapper - he needed an alternate...

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Fatt Matt & Big Moves – Rusty Hooks LP

New LP from Fatt Matt and DJ Moves featuring Tachichi, Ghettosocks, Cee!!!!!!!!, Zachariah (Main Offenders), Engineer, D-Vice, Knowself, Jay O Smooth, and Kaboom.

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Drunken Arseholes – Fight Death

Cee!!!!!!!! and DJ Moves are back with a new album. Fight Death features guest spots by Craig G (of the Juice Crew), Jay O Smooth, Fatt Matt, and Knowself. Cover art by Awol One.

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Knowself – Mind Controlled, Automaton Conformist, Ego Enslaved, Manipulated Materialistic Robot, Indoctrinated Pawn Fool World

New Knowself album consisting of 19 old unreleased tracks from 1999. The album features Ginzu 3, Skratch Bastid, Cee!!!!!!!!, Tachichi, Jesse ...

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Knowself Interview + Unreleased tracks

Our friends at Lazerus Pit just posted up an in-depth interview with Knowself, complete with unreleased audio. Check it out!

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