Free fifteen track compilation featuring Subtitle, Adam Warlock, Alpha MC, Labwaste, Matt Gamin, Juan Huevos and more.

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Labwaste (Subtitle & Thavius Beck) – “Geni Guy”

Dope first single from The B.E.A.R. Group's #STEALTHVOLTRON compilation (dropping October 12). The album features Subtitle, Adam Warlock, Janne Kristian Hyttinen, Alpha MC...

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Thavius Beck

Thavius' new LP, 'Dialogue', is out now. When he's not busy with other projects, the producer/emcee is half of Labwaste with Subtitle.

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Labwaste – Canigetithowyoulive? 7″ (picture disc)

Lab Waste - Canigetithowyoulive? 7” (picture disc) Supporting their forthcoming sophomore LP and European tour in April/May, Lab Waste (Giovanni Marks aka Subtitle and Thavius Beck from Mush Records) return with a new limited edition picture disc with three exclusive tracks. Released in common effort by French (Vulgar Records) and Californian (Ooohh! That's Heavy).

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