L*Roneous (accompanied by Brycon) – Maart Volume One: The World According To Gurp

New L*Roneous project, produced by Brycon, out now.

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Footnotes Of A Jewels Hunter LP feat. Maker, Qwel, Illogic, Qwazaar, Blueprint, L’Roneous, Self Jupiter

Great new LP from Seattle emcee Jewels Hunter, out now on Galapogos4 (preview + purchase CD/Digital).

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VIDEO: L*Roneous & 2bers – “Competition”

Video from L*Roneous & 2bers’ KIll To Sing The Blues LP. Produced by Wize Elementz. Directed by Ryan Halsey.

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L*Roneous & 2bers – Wizdom Blues

Produced by Wize Elementz.

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White Mic & Grand Visitor – Armchair Militia EP

Free EP from White Mic (Bored Stiff) and Grand Visitor (Homeliss Derilexs) featuring Equipto, Mike Marshall, B-Line, L'Roneous and more.

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L*Roneous – “Man’s World”

Video from his new Lgorithms LP, out now. Directed by Equipto.

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L*Roneous – “Scooby Doo”

"This song was written and meant to be on Imaginarium, I wrote the first verse on the same napkin as I did for "A Place Called This" - L'Roneous

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White Mic (Bored Stiff) – The Neighborhood Visitor

New album featuring Z-Man, L'Roneous, Rasco, Sunspot Jonz, Equipto and more.

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L*Roneous – Roller Coaster EP

Free EP from L’Roneous that silently dropped this past summer...

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L’Roneous Da Versifier

With the release of his critically acclaimed album “Imaginarium”, L’Roneous Da Versifier should be steadily mentioned among the top artists coming ...

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