ALBUM STREAMS: Third Sight – IV + Orchids & Corpses

Two new albums from Third Sight (Roughneck Jihad, D-Styles, and Du Funk) have just dropped.

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Michael Nhat – Songs With Friends

Rare Demos, B-Sides, & Collaborations with Sam Yurick, Maestro Gamin, LinaCarol, Xerebrl, Passive65ive, Kid Infinity, Luna Is Honey, Sequence, Nathan Nice, ...

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Awkward – The Metal At the Core

New album out now featuring Zackey Force Funk, Matt Gamin, Open Mike Eagle, N8 No Face, Sole, Cadalack Ron and more.

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The Incredible Torture Show (Roughneck Jihad, Maestro Gamin, Trailer Trasher) Video Album

Vocals written and performed by Roughneck Jihad of Third Sight and Maestro Gamin, Everything else by Trailer Trasher.

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Vlachi Pro (Matt Gamin & Awkward) – Hard Maintenance

First release by transatlantic rap group, VLACHI PRO. Matt Gamin of Los Angeles based Lurk Music handles the vocals while Awkward ...

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Anacron – The Facelift 3: Cosmetic Characteristics

Anacron's annual eclectic remix album series continues with The Facelift 3.

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Cooler Than Cucumbers – Salade de Concombres Vol. 1

Massive 34 track free download compilation from Cooler Than Cucumbers! Featuring Absurd, Brad Hammers, Walter Gross, Wormhole & Kaigen, Ceschi, Brzowski, ...

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Open Mike Eagle – Helicopter Podcast 3

Download the new episode of Open Mike Eagle's 'Helicopter Podcast,' featuring music from Matt Gamin, 3Ninjas, Serengeti, 2Mex, and O.M.E. himself...

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Awkward – Grand Prize

Grand Prize is the latest LP from Bristol, UK based producer Awkward featuring an impressive list of rappers including Awol One, Open Mike Eagle, Isaiah Toothtaker, Megabusive, and many others! Out now...

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Free fifteen track compilation featuring Subtitle, Adam Warlock, Alpha MC, Labwaste, Matt Gamin, Juan Huevos and more.

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Awkward Remixes vol one

Free remix album from UK producer, Awkward. Featuring Sole, Ceschi, Open Mike Eagle, Restiform Bodies, Matt Gamin and more.

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