Dragon Refrain, The Final Release from Neferiu Records

The final release from our homies at Neferiu Records, which announced today that they’re shutting their doors after 13 great years.

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Mantrakid – Xenochrony

A beat-tape tribute to the music of Frank Zappa.

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Second Architect (Mantrakid & Stilz) – Wargame Constructor Set

New instrumental project; available for free download, with donations welcome.

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Mantrakid – Dragon Lullabies

New album, his first in four years, from producer / vocalist / Neferiu Records founder Mantrakid.

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Mantrakid – MissyKid

Neferiu is pleased to present 'MissyKid', an exciting EP featuring six Missy Elliot tunes, expertly remixed by Mantrakid.

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Ricca Razor Sharp – “I Am the Law” Prod. by Mantrakid

New video for a track featured on the Neferiu Records 2011 compilation.

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Neferiu Records 2011

Free compilation from Neferiu Records, giving a broad look at their musically diverse roster. Also check out their other new freebie: ...

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Mantrakid – “The Gypsy”

Video from Mantrakid’s upcoming instrumental album, Dragon Lullabies. neferiu.com

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Neferiu Records – Tendown

New compilation album (CD+digital) from Neferiu Records in celebration of their 10th Anniversary! Tendown features exclusive choice selections from the Neferiu family...

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Ricca Razor Sharp & The Equazn – Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract by Neferiu Records New collaboration album from Calgary’s Ricca Razor Sharp & The Equazn, produced by Mantrakid. In stores now ...

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Ricca Razor Sharp

Calgary emcee Ricca Razor Sharp discusses his new album 'Causeways and C-trains' along his label home, Neferiu Records.

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Mantrakid – Palmflowerblack (free download)

In celebration of his now-underway Canadian tour alongside Neferiu Label-mate Ricca Razor Sharp, Mantrakid releases his...

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