VIDEO: Grand Invincible (DJ Eons One & Luke Sick) – “Yegg”

First single from the new @grandinvincible album, Menace Mode, out now on cassette and digital from Megakut Records.

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Grand Killa Con – “Drug Rug”

Raps by Luke Sick, produced by Brycon.

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Grand Killa Con – “Born 2 Gain”

Grand Killa Con (Luke Sick and Brycon) video and digital 12-inch.

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Grand Killa Con (Luke Sick & Brycon) – “Don’t Get Caught”

From their album, Year of the Tre Bag, out now on Megakut. Raps by Luke Sick (Sacred Hoop). Produced by Brycon.

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Motel Crew (Doug Surreal, Z-Man & Luke Sick)

Motel Crew: Doug Surreal, Z-Man & Luke Sick with help from DJ Quest, Mike 2600, Eddie K, and Gingerbread Man. Recorded ...

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Yole Boys feat. Trunk Drank and DJ D-Styles – “Supernova Bassdrop”

Executive producer: Fatees Rap vocal: MC Brandon B Hype vocal: Eddie K (88) Scratches: DJ D-Styles & DJ Hypnotize

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