Moves: Hiss 3 – Hissterectomy

Brand new album from Moves featuring Fortunato, Touch, Cee!!!!!!!!, Ghettosocks, Governor Bolts, Luke Sick, Kwest Tha Madd Lad, Tachichi, Birdapres, Fatt Matt, Mindbender, Drunken Arseholes, Whatevski, Apeface and more!

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Mindbender – “I am a Kanye”

New Mindbender, produced by Father Moth.

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Mars Project DVD Giveaway

We are giving away two copies of Mars Project, Jon B’s documentary about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart (who along with his twin ...

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Mars Project on Space Channel’s InnerSPACE

Ugsmag’s Jon B, aka director Jonathan Balazs, and documentary subject Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart talk about their new film, based on Stewart’s ...

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Mars Project – Extended Trailer

Trailer for Jon B’s upcoming full-length film about Khari “Conspiracy” Stewart.

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Mindbender Supreme – “I’m Awesome”

New Mindbender track, produced by James Pew. Download here. Lyrics: I’M so God Damn AWESOME I am the lost son of Jimi Hendrix, ...

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Mindbender Supreme – “Reset Button” video

New Mindbender video, directed by Mark Valino. Download Mindbender and Rich Kidd's Jupiter album here.

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The Dirty Sample – Joshua’s Dreamixes

Remix project from Calgary producer The Dirty Sample aka Planit. Out now on Hand'Solo Records!

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Max Prime ft. Corvid Lorax, Mindbender, Add-Vice, Planit – “Painting of God”

Mega six minute posse cut "Painting of God" from Max Prime feat. Corvid Lorax, Mindbender, Add-Vice, and Planit. Off of Max's forthcoming Tranquility...

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Rhythmicru – “Perfect Day (Remix)” feat. D-Ray, Mindbender, Fritz tha Cat

Dope video for D-Ray’s “Perfect Day” featuring Fritz tha Cat (OK Cobra), D-Ray (Rhythmicru) and Mindbender (Supreme Being Unit). Directed by ...

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Conspiracy = The Ol’ Dirty Bastard of Canada

A heartfelt plea from his twin brother Mindbender.

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Friday Five On It – Mar 21, 2008

Friday Five On It - Mar 21, 2008 Korg + Nintendo, Stealing Beauty in Ikea [video], Atmosphere - “Shoulda Known” [video], Toronto Hip-Hop’s Bad Rap, and ABC-3D Pop Up Book.

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