Edison – “Bare Feet on Lego Bricks”

More monome magic from Edison, a song off of his upcoming new album on Kid Without Radio.

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Edison – “that’s what happens to delicate things”

Edison showing off a track from his upcoming album, Delayed Reaction Elements, and look at his new Monome 256.

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Daedelus chats about his open-source instrument of choice, the Monome, and other finer points of sampling and contemporary music production.

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Sole and K-the-I??? Live Videos

Awesome footage of Sole and K-the-I??? performing and Sole’s The Pyre book release party in L.A. Shot by Aaron Bennett.

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Daedelus – “Far From Home” live video

Live video of Daedelus' working his monome magic in an arcade...

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San Francisco based beat maker and monome builder. Edison has been button pushing his way to a high seat as a beat lord, especially after the recent release of the Les Swashbuckling Napoleons album 'Fuck!'

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