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Milled Pavement Records - Goose Bumps 4.0

Milled Pavement Records – Goose Bumps 4.0

In stores today! The fourth and final installment of the Goose Bumps compilation series. This time it’s a huge four disc set with 66 tracks from 96 artists, producers and performers from every obscure end of the earth.



We talk with Brzowski about Portland, his recent European tour, his ‘Like Woe’ album with Moshe, new records and more!

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The Motherboard Compilation – Intel Inside [free download]

Dope new compilation that came together through the Motherboard community forum. 27 tracks featuring Ira Lee, Moshe, Xzircles, Verble, 2Mex, Liferexall, Ok Cobra, Selhelp, MC Homeless, Noah23, Nomar Slevik, DJ Mayonnaise, Wordburglar, Ceschi and many more!


Milled Pavement – Goose Bumps

Goose Bumps is a new compilation from Portland based label Milled Pavement. The album features artists from all over the globe (Germany, Italy, England, France,