K-The-I??? – “To Really Fear Nothing”

Off of his upcoming instrumental release, Oxidised Matrix V1; out Oct 2nd on Mush.

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Bigg Jus – “Advanced Lightbody Activation”

New Bigg Jus from his upcoming Machines That Make Civilization Fun LP, dropping May 8th on Mush/Laitdbac.

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Radioinactive – “Pyramidi” video

Old but good; video for the title track from Radioinactive's 2001 album Pyramidi on Mush Records. Directed by Anisa Qureshi.

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Thirsty Fish (Open Mike Eagle, Dumbfoundead, Psychosiz) – “Sounds Like Rap”

Dope new track from Thirsty Fish’s upcoming album Watergate, on Mush Records.

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Thavius Beck – “Go” video

Video from Thavius Beck’s Dialogue album on Mush Records. Directed by Corey Brandenstein. mushrecords.com

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Open Mike Eagle – “Pissy Transmissions” video

New video from Open Mike Eagle's 'Unapologetic Art Rap' (Mush Records). Video directed by Fluffy.

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Open Mike Eagle – “Haircut” video

New Open Mike Eagle video from his Art Rap After Party EP on Mush Records. Directed by Open Mike Eagle and inspired by the look of early 90s late night public access video shows.

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Open Mike Eagle – Art Rap After Party

After already releasing one of the best albums of the year with his debut, Unapologetic Art Rap, Open Mike Eagle is back with a perfect companion EP, Art Rap After Party...

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Loden (feat. Busdriver & K-The-I???) Limited Edition 7-inch

New 7-inch from Brussels based producer Loden, to commemorate the release of his new album Buggy, out now on Mush Records...

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Open Mike Eagle – “I Rock (For The Unemployed)”

Free download of Open Mike Eagle's song "I Rock," including the Exile produced original and a new remix version by UK producer Awkward.

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Busdriver feat. Open Mike Eagle – “Deer God”

Another leak off of Busdriver's upcoming Computer Cooties mixtape. This time Busdriver and Open Mike Eagle impressively remake Monsters of Folk's "Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)”.

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Open Mike Eagle

Project Blowedian and L.A. via Chicago transplant, Open Mike Eagle, has just released one of the best albums of the year...

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