VIDEO: Otem Rellik – “Negative Space”

Great stop motion/3d animated video from Otem Rellik's new album unbroken&unheard - available Dec 9.

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Otem Rellik – “Midnight Hunters”

New music from Otem Rellik.

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nIGHTtIMEsCHOOLbUs – “Swimming With You”

New collaborative project from Denver rapper/producer Otem Rellik and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Robin Walker.

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Connect the Machine to the Map: Hip Hop + Shoegaze

New compilation featuring Variex, Brad Hamers, Bleubird, Ceschi, Otem Rellik, Riddlore, Th’Mole, Ancient Mith, James Reindeer, Pierre the Motionless, We Are ...

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Circle Into Square Label Compilation Vol. 3

New compilation from Fake Four Inc’s partner label, Circle Into Square. Featuring both new and unreleased tracks from a slew of ...

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Otem Rellik – Blood Bone Piano

Dope new album from the Denver, CO based producer/vocalist.

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Otem Rellik – “Insects in the Living Room”

New stop motion animated video from Otem Rellik’s upcoming album Blood Bone Piano, out October 4th. @otem_rellik

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Variex – The Glass Swan Project: Anti-Love Songs for Lovers

New album from San Francisco based producer/emcee Variex featuring guest appearances by Brad Hamers, Ceschi Ramos, Kid Presentable!!!, Otem Rellik, and ...

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Circle Into Square – Compilation Vol. 2

Free album of twelve new and recent tracks from the diverse Circle Into Square roster, including: Big Pauper, Loden, Rickolus, Big ...

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The Saskatoon based producer/DJ extraordinaire speaks on labels (Side Road Records / Fake Four Inc.), working with West coast legends like Myka 9 and Awol One, plus much more!

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Otem Rellik – Skelephant Remix Tape

Free Remix album download featuring both Otem Rellik originals, plus his remixes of Restifrom Bodies, Sole, Wu-tang, and Dr. Octagon.

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Otem Rellik – “Walking on Stilts” video

Another stop motion animated video by Otem Rellik, from his new album Elephant Graveyard, out now on Circle Into Square!

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