Prince – “Batdance (Remix)” feat. Big Daddy Kane

Previously shelved by Warner Bros. Produced by John Luongo.

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VIDEO: Questlove vs. Prince

An animated story of the time Prince fired Questlove from a DJ gig.

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Questlove’s 33 Reasons Why Prince is Hip-Hop

I wholeheartedly agree. Dare I say he was a hip-hop pioneer? Yes. That Prince. Without even trying, he did things ...

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El-P – “The Unforgiven II/ Purple Rain” (Metallica vs. Prince Mash-up)

"I was asking people who follow me on Twitter about who the most anti downloading/digital music musicians were and we landed on Metallica (who I dont give a shit about) and Prince (who is one of my biggest influences)..."

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New Prince Album – Planet Earth

Prince’s new album Planet Earth is in stores today!

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