Project Blowed BBQ SXSW 2012 Footage

Some footage from the outside stage at this year’s Project Blowed BBQ during SXSW in Austin, courtesy of Riddlore.

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Acid Reign – “Creme de la Blowed” (ft. Nga Fish, BeOND, Gajah, Aceyalone, Rifle Man, Olmeca, Abstract Rude, Myka 9)

Free Project Blowed posse cut produced by OoloO the Wize aka Nathaniel Eras, from Acid Reign’s (Gajah & BeOnd) new album, 'Diversity'...

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Acid Reign – Tracks from the Abyss Vol. 1

Tracks from the Abyss Vol. 1 by Uncommon Records Free download album from Project Blowed vets Acid Reign (Gajah & BeOnd), featuring ...

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We speak with the Los Angeles based producer about his upbringing in Watts, early rap career and his latest projects.

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Open Mike Eagle

Project Blowedian and L.A. via Chicago transplant, Open Mike Eagle, has just released one of the best albums of the year...

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Open Mike Eagle – “I Rock” video

Dope video for "I Rock" from Open Mike Eagle's (Project Blowed/Swim Team) mega impressive debut album Unapologetic Art Rap on Mush Records. Directed by Kiki Allgeier.

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Depth Affect feat. Riddlore – “Else’s Vision” video

Video from French production crew, Depth Affect, featuring Riddlore (CVE/Project Blowed). Video directed by Rémy Charrier.

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Open Mike Eagle – Another Roadside Attraction EP

Free download EP from Open Mike Eagle (Swim Team/Project Blowed) featuring production from Mike Eagle, UK’s Awkward, Alwayz Prolific, and the ...

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Sahtyre – “J-O-B” video + new album

Sahtyre is one of the new school Project Blowedians and has a new album High Saht out now on Swim Team / Project Blowed Records and features 2mex, Rifleman, Nocando, Kuest 1, Kenny Segal...

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