Onry Ozzborn feat. vioLIT – “Holy Moly”

First single from Onry Ozzborn's new album, Nervous Hvnd. The album, produced by Rain, drops September 13 (pre-order now).

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Esh – “I Got You” feat. Orchids

New single from Esh's Darwin's Frankenstein LP - out Aug 18, pre-order now.

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Esh – “Good Night for a Daydream”

First single off of Esh's new album Darwin's Frankenstein (out Aug 18 on AR Classic Records). Produced by Rain.

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Onry Ozzborn – “t h 3 B1RTH of c v p ii d”

Video for Onry Ozzborn's new c v p ii d project, produced by Rain. Pre-order now, drops Feb 28.

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Esh – “Whatever.” (prod. by Rain)

"Whatever." is a non-album single from the Esh (formally Esh the Monolith) archives.

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Moe Pope and Rain – “Annie Mulz” feat. Ceschi

First single off the upcoming album, Let The Right Ones In – dropping January 2013 on Brick Records – from Boston’s ...

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Moe Pope – “Grateful Dead of Night”

Video from Moe Pope’s free 'Depeche Moe' mixtape. Track produced by Rain. Video directed by Nicolas Heller.

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