Scott Fredette


WHY? – “Waterlines”

New video from the Mumps etc LP. Yoni is also doing some solo rap shows featuring music spanning his whole career (cLOUDDEAD, Reaching Quiet, WHY?,


WHY? – “Paper Hearts”

New video from the latest Why? album, Mumps, etc. Directed by Scott Fredette and Yoni Wolf. @whywithaqmark


WHY? – “Bitter Thoughts”

New video from their new album Mumps, etc. — out now on Anticon. Directed by Scott Fredette and Ben Nicholson. @whywithaqmark

WHY? – “Sod In The Seed”

Video from the forthcoming Sod In The Seed EP and the LP, Mumps, etc. Out this fall from Anticon & City Slang. Directed by Scott