Sole – Nuclear Winter 3

The 3rd installment of the Nuclear Winter series, where Sole updates classic tracks from the 90s through the present in his own style.

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VIDEO: Sole – “Railing Gainst The Ether”

New video off of Sole's great new album, Let Them Eat Sand. Out now on Book/CD/Digital.

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Sole – “All Your Bases”

Great first single from Sole's new self-produced album, Let Them Eat Sand - out Feb 2nd (pre-order now).

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VIDEO: Sole (Live Set on Radio Concuss)

Sole is featured on Radio Concuss' eleventh and latest episode of in-studio performances.

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OneWerd – Alive

New album for Fake Four's #FREEcember series from emcee/producer OneWerd. Featuring guest spots from Sole, Ceschi, Graves 33, Sleep of Oldominion, Gajah, and Ersatz Splynter.

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Sole – “Railing ‘Gainst The Ether”

New limited edition lathe cut 7-inch.

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Sole – “Three Way Fight” w/ Decomposure

Sole and Decomposure take Young Jeezy and Akon's "Soul Survivor" and re-make it into a new track against the Trump regime.

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Solecast w/ Sole

The Solecast is a critical exploration of radical ideas. Long form interviews w/ artists, academics, writers, organizers and revolutionaries.

Trap News

VIDEO: Sole – “Trap News: The Farce Awakens”

Collaboration video between and Sole, produced by DJ Pain 1. Featuring Brer Rabbit of Flobots (as Obama) and Alas.

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Album Stream: Sole & DJ Pain 1- Nihilismo

Stream the new Sole & DJ Pain 1 album, Nihilismo – out today on cd/vinyl/digital through Sole’s Black Box Tapes label.

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Sole & DJ Pain 1 – “Capitalism is Tearing Us Apart” w/ Decomposure

New single from the upcoming Sole & DJ Pain 1 album, Nihilismo.

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Sole – “Battle of Humans”

Bonus Track from the upcoming Sole and DJ Pain 1 LP, Nihilismo – back it on kickstarter.

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