Taiyamo Denku & Dcypha – “Meet Ya Fate” Feat. Chris Rivers (Big Pun’s Son) & Big Noyd

Produced by Dcypha. From Taiyamo Denku & Dcypha’s Supernatural.

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Dcypha & Taiyamo Denku – “Till Death” Feat. Keith Murray & Blaq Poet

Produced by Dcypha, from Taiyamo Denku and Dcypha’s collaborative album Supernatural, out now. The LP also features KRS One, Sadat X, ...

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Taiyamo Denku – “Pitfall”

Produced by the Grime Lab.

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Uncommon Records – Uncommon Burners 2

New compilation featuring Prince Po, Short Fuze, Nasa, Agartha Audio, Taiyamo Denku, Adam Warlock, Aeon Grey, Pruven, Atari Blitzkrieg, Eleven, Passive65ive, ...

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Agartha Audio & Taiyamo Denku – “Mother Earth, Still Life” (feat. Vast Aire, Illogic & Perseph 1)

First single from Agartha Audio & Taiyamo Denku’s Quadrofiendia LP, dropping June 19th on Uncommon Records. Pre-order here. Mother Earth, Still Life ...

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Agartha Audio & Taiyamo Denku – “Road Is Ruff” ft. Craig G + Sadat X

Early leak from Agartha Audio & Taiyamo Denku’s upcoming Uncommon Records release, Quadrofiendia (dropping June 2012).

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Short Fuze & Nasa – Toxicology Music (Snippet Tape)

Preview video for the March 29 release of Short Fuze & Nasa's 'Toxicology Music' from Uncommon Records.

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Soap-box & Uncommon Records – No Dough, No Show

Free compilation album featuring The Presence, Atari Blitzkrieg, Teddy Faley, Willie Green, Kitchen Khemistry, Taiyamo Denku, Short Fuze, Agartha Audio, Megabusive, Adam Warlock and more.

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Taiyamo Denku ft. Prince Po – “Mona Lisa” (Agartha Audio Remix)

Agartha Audio Remix of Taiyamo Denku featuring Prince Po of Organized Konfustion...

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Taiyamo Denku – Articles of Mind + Lost Thoughts

Taiyamo Denku has two new full length albums out, one for free download. Articles of Mind is available on Itunes, Amazon, ...

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