Spooky Spookathon – By Spookathon

Are you ready enough? In time for Halloween is By Spookathon, the dope debut album from Spooky Spookathon (produced by DJ Boney Finger, raps by MC Ghouly G). Don't sleep!

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The Swoop (DJ Weezl) – Bone Henge

Bone Bone Bone. New Instrumental album from The Swoops Mountain. BONE HENGE by THE SWOOPS MOUNTAIN

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The Swoop – “Dinomighters”

Short video for track 5 off of The Swoops Mountain album.

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Spooky Spookathon – “Rip the Block Up”

Swoop fuckin’ swoop! New album, By Spookathon, out this Halloween.

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Smoke Verbitsky – “I Bale MC’s”

The Swoop is taking over the rap video world. “BIG NEWS ! The Swoops Mountain signed a new Artist to the Label ...

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The Swoop (DJ Weezl) – “Cove”

Amazing video from the homie DJ Weezl aka The Swoop. The Swoops Mountain album is available from theswoopsmountain.bandcamp.com.

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