VIDEO: Third Sight – “King Pin”

Video off of Third Sight's new album, Third Sight IV, out now.

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ALBUM STREAMS: Third Sight – IV + Orchids & Corpses

Two new albums from Third Sight (Roughneck Jihad, D-Styles, and Du Funk) have just dropped.

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Third Sight – “Dump The Body”

Produced by D-Styles, lyrics written and performed by MC Roughneck Jihad from the upcoming LP Third Sight IV.

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Third Sight – “White Girl”

From the upcoming fourth album by Third Sight (DJ D-Styles, MC Roughneck Jihad and DJ Du Funk), which they’re currently raising ...

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Third Sight – “Jodorowsky”

Production by D-Styles. Lyrics written and performed by R. Jihad.

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Third Sight – “Cookie Monster”

Lyrics by Roughneck Jihad, beat by Raggedy Andy. From the unreleased album Juan Sequitur. Fuck your couch.

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Third Sight – “Baghdad” / “Beat Biters”

Two dope new D-Styles produced tracks from the upcoming Third Sight album, Chillin’ With Dead Bodies In a B-Boy Stance.

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Roughneck Jihad (of Third Sight) – E Pluribus Urine

E Pluribus Urine is a new album by Roughneck Jihad (of the group Third Sight), with production by Raggedy Andy and featuring D-Styles, Luke Sick, and Insomniac. You can preview the whole album...

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