VIDEO: Jyroscope – “MUTE” feat. Gatz and Goods

Video for the title track from Jyroscope's 'MUTE' EP - dropping this July via ReServed Records.

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Premiere: Jyroscope – “MUTE” feat. Gatz and Goods

Another banger from Chicago's Jyroscope, the title track and first single from their upcoming 'MUTE' EP - dropping this summer via ReServed Records.

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VIDEO: Jyroscope – “Bloodstained Persian Rugs”

Dope new track from Chicago duo Jyroscope (Collasoul Structure + I.B. Fokuz), produced by Ice Theory. Look for their new Mute EP coming soon.

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Gilead7 & Dr. Strangelove – Crystal Radio

Gilead7 of Tomorrow Kings fame teams up with UK producer Dr. Strangelove to create an album 10 years in the making. ...

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Tomorrow Kings – The Stand Alone Complex (NRTM Remixes)

Featuring production by Uncommon Nasa, DOS4GW, AM Breakups, Greetings From Tuskan, Elucid, LT Headtrip and more. The Stand Alone Complex is ...

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Lamon Manuel and Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser – “S**t. Everything We Have Together is Falling Apart.”

Video for a new track from Chicago’s Lamon Manuel, produced by Houston’s Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser.

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Karma Kids + Tomorrow Kings = Karma Kings Tour

Touring all over the East coast starting this week.

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Tomorrow Kings – “Imagine Tomorrow” feat. Sense One (Greetings From Tuskan remix)

From Nigger Rigged Time Machine available on ReServed Records. Artwork By Willie “SKECH185” McIntyre Jr.

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Tomorrow Kings

Chicago Super group consisting of Gilead7, Malakh El, Wizard Jenkins The Great, Jyroscope (I.B. Fokuz, Collasoul Structure), Lamon Manuel, and SKECH185 – with production handled by Vyle.

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A Night in the Underground – A Film on Chicago Hip-Hop

Short film featuring The Primeridian, Pugs Atomz, Ang 13, Urbanized Music (Coolout Chris And Amina Ayo Hawkins), Philip Morris and more.

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