Psybo – Wherewithal

The decade old long-anticipated unreleased album from Toolshed's Psybo (produced by Fresh Kils and Timbuktu) finally sees the light of day with a cassette/digital release from Hand'Solo Records.

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Wordburglar – If It Rhymes It’s Real

New 3 song project from Wordburglar, produced by Beatmason. Out now as a name your price download.

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Tachichi – Chico’s ’90s Project

New Tachichi album paying homage to the '90s and introducing the Sipset crew. Production by ChanHays, Ghettosocks, The Dirty Sample, Uncle Fester, Gordski, Sean-One, and DJ Moves. Out now on Hand'Solo Records.

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Wordburglar – “Channel Halifax”

First single from Wordburglar’s upcoming Rapplicable Skills album, out August 28.

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Backburner – “Bottle Caps” Video + Eclipse LP

Video for a Beatmason produced track off of Backburner’s new Eclipse LP, which is out now on Hand’Solo Records.

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The Extremities (Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester) – “Fuck the Police”

Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester mash-up police.

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The Extremities (Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester)

Catching up with Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester of The Extrementies and Canada's legendary Backburner crew.

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Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils – “World Wide”

From The Open Affairs EP. “World Wide”, written by Mad Dukez, produced by Fresh Kils, cuts by Uncle Fester.

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Wordburglar – “Croque Monsieur”

The 3rd video from Wordburglar’s 3rdburglar album.

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The Extremities – Re:Fresh

Free remix album by the Extremities (Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester) featuring D-Sisive, Saukrates, Wordsworth, Ghettosocks, Prince Po and more.

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Wordburglar – “Drawings with Words”

It’s the one where Wordburglar raps about comic books. From the album 3rdburglar. Beat by Beatmason. Cuts by Uncle Fes.

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