Limited Edition Coloured Floppy Edition of BNAPTH

David Vangel – BNAPTH

New instrumental HipHop/Jazz release showcasing the songwriting and sample work of Toronto’s David Vangel. Out now on iTunes and on limited edition floppy-disc CDs.


David Vangel – “DumDum”

Video from the BNAPTH ep on 5&1/4 Records. Shot, directed, & edited by Primitive Replica.

David Vangel - Count Numberella
Album Download

David Vangel – Count Numberella

A numbers themed mix – flipping back and forth from rap to country, talkies to funk, and more. Download: David Vangel – Count Numberella (via

Noah 23 for Dummies

“I made this mix as a sampler spanning the more recent years of my catalog. Its not a greatest hits per se, but a get to know you type of mix for new fans.” — Noah23