Catcher of the Fade (Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, Milo, + more)

Free 4 song EP from Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, Milo, + more.

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Abstract Rude – “Kan of Whoop Ass (Reprise)” feat. Blueprint, Psalm One, Musab, LMNO, Neb Luv, Otherwize, Kail, VerBS, Open Mike Eagle, Alpha MC, Droop Capone, Luckyiam, Sunspot Jonz, Eligh, The Grouch

Lyric video for a Abstract Rude’s mega posse featuring Blueprint, Psalm One, Musab, LMNO, Neb Luv, Otherwize, Kail, VerBS, Open Mike ...

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Megabusive w/ Awkward – “Apexes And Peaks” ft. VerBS and Open Mike Eagle

From their new LP Hell On Hell, out today!

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Hellfyre Club – “DVT”

Crew cut featuring Open Mike Eagle, Verbs, Nocando, Kail, Busdriver, and Rheteric Ramirez. From the Dorner vs. Tookie album.

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Swim Team Cypher 2013

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Hellfyre Club – Dorner vs. Tookie

New compilation from LA's Hellfyre Club: Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, Rheteric Ramirez, Milo, and more.

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Awkward – Cold

Featuring Gajah, Verbs, Megabusive, Open Mike Eagle, Isaiah Toothtaker, Acid Reign, Sole, Ceschi and more. Awkward’s latest mixtape includes remixes, lost ...

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Flash Bang Grenada ft. Riddlore and VerBS – “I Can Teleport” (Remix)

Remix of a track off of Flash Bang Grenada’s (Busdriver & Nocando) 10 Haters album.

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Hellfyre Club – Veneris Nigrum

Free compilation from Hellfyre Club featuring their 2012 roster thus far: Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, KAIL, E.Super, Rheteric Ramirez, Subtitle, VerBS, ...

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Seven Day ft. Versis, VerBS & Makeshift – “1234” video

Video from L.A. duo Seven Day, off of their free album CNCPTS II. Directed by Liphemra. CNCPTS II by Seven Day

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Hellfyre Club – Prometheus

Get this! New free mixtape from Hellfyre Club. 'Prometheus' showcases the young L.A. label's roster with tracks from E. Super, Intuition, VerBS, Bomb Zombies, Open Mike Eagle, Sahtye, Kail, and Nocando.

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