On Tilt (Luke Sick, Vrse Murphy, QM) – Drink Floyd

Sophomore album from On Tilt out now. Produced by Vrse Murphy and others; guest spots from Z-Man, Brandon B, Eddie K and more.

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VIDEO: On Tilt (Luke Sick, Vrse Murphy, QM) – “Comin’ Out The Cut “

On Tilt is Luke Sick, Vrse Murphy and QM. Their self-titled album is out now on cassette/digital.

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Fresh Out: Gurp City

Free download of a 36-song mix of old and new Gurp City music; featuring Sacred Hoop, Z-Man, The Gingerbread Man, Eddie ...

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Neila -“Felt Again” prod. by Vrse Murphy

From their collaboration album, Undedicated, out now on limited edition CDs.

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Gametightelectro – Origins of Gurp: Songs from 1999?-?2004

Ten years ago I remember playing the shit out of my promo cd-r of the Gametightelectro Paranormal Bars Stars album that was supposed to drop on Peter Agoston's Female Fun Music...

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Sacred Hoop – “Car Crash” / “Shitsisss” ft. Z-Man, Eddie K, DJ Tricky T

New Sacred Hoop tracks from their upcoming album Coffins in the Foyer (or The Lodge).

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Sacred Hoop – “Ten Gallon Hat b?/?w Float Yer Kegs”

New Sacred Hoop digital single, produced by Pete Sasqwax. via grandgood

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