Walter Gross

Walter Gross – Coward

New tape and a video of the title track. “30 minutes of fucked up experiments, soundscapes, one-offs, wg raps, neck breakers, slimey sludge and all

Headhat for Cats (And Other Animals)

Headhat for Cats (And Other Animals)

Benefit album for the SPCA. 66 tracks featuring Pip Skid, Ceschi, K-the-I???, Zucchini Drive, Babel Fishh, Adeem, Birdapres, Edison, Nomad, V8, MC Homeless, Speed Dial 7, Jdwalker, Scot Da Ros, Factor, Ira Lee, David Ramos, Cars & Trains, Nomar Slevik, Walter Gross, Brzowski, and many more.

Free dope shit from Walter Gross

Do not sleep on this man, allow these free albums to convince you: Youth:Kill (Walter Gross & K-the-i???) – The Promise of Automation EP Walter