The Library Steps (Jesse Dangerously + Ambition) – Rap Dad, Real Dad

New project from Backburner crew members Jesse Dangerously and producer Ambition, out now on Hand'Solo Records (Cassette/CD/Digital).

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Wordburglar – “Boombaparang”

New video from Wordburglar's 5th album Rapplicable Skills available now.

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Wordburglar – If It Rhymes It’s Real

New 3 song project from Wordburglar, produced by Beatmason. Out now as a name your price download.

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Wordburglar – “NARC Hi-Score (In Nintendo Power)”

New video from Wordburglar's latest album, Rapplicable Skills. Produced by Coins (Peter Project).

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More Or Les – “Ice Cold Buck Fifty”

New single from More Or Les paying homage to Canadian hip hop for Canada's 150th birthday. The B-side of the single features a Dirty Sample Remix of "Icarus" featuring Wordburglar, Swamp Thing & Rel McCoy.

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VIDEO: Mega Ran – “Space Defense Team” feat. Kool Keith & Wordburglar

New video off of Mega Ran’s RNDM album.

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VIDEO: Wordburglar – “Channel Halifax”

Great new video for my favourite track off of Wordburglar’s Rapplicable Skills album. Shot over 4 seasons in Halifax, NS.

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Mega Ran – “Space Defense Team” feat. Kool Keith and Wordburglar

Produced by RND1, off of Mega Ran’s brand new album RNDM, out today!

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Wordburglar – Rapplicable Skills

Full album stream of Wordburglar’s dope new LP, Rapplicable Skills, out now! Guest spots by Chokeules, Ghettosocks, MC Frontalot, Mega Ran, ...

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Wordburglar – “Channel Halifax”

First single from Wordburglar’s upcoming Rapplicable Skills album, out August 28.

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Backburner – “Bottle Caps” Video + Eclipse LP

Video for a Beatmason produced track off of Backburner’s new Eclipse LP, which is out now on Hand’Solo Records.

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Wordburglar – “Rap Viper”

From Wordburglar’s 5th album “Welcome To Cobra Island.

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