Metawon & The Dirty Sample – Toothface Swaggerfoot

New instrumental album produced by Metawon and The Dirty Sample!

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The Dirty Sample – Joshua’s Dreamixes

Remix project from Calgary producer The Dirty Sample aka Planit. Out now on Hand'Solo Records!

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Metawon – Choplifter [Free CD Contest]

Producer Metawon's sophomore album, Choplifter, officially drops February 2nd on Neferiu Records. The massive 20 track undertaking features an impressive line-up...

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Cognitive Ability (The Dirty Sample & Royal-T)

The Dirty Sample and Royal-T are Cognitive Ability. Here a two tracks from their forthcoming album.

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The Dirty Sample – Beauty & Poison remix album

Free remix album from Calgary's The Dirty Sample featuring a great selection of songs from rappers in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Japan

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Planit Meta – “End Game”

From Planit and producer Metawon's upcoming Planit Meta album. Directed by Wal Martian. Also check out the behind the scenes footage during the making of the video...

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Planit + The Dirty Sample = 2 Blue Apes

A little sneak peak from Planit's self-produced (the Dirty Sample) new project, 2 Blue Apes.

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